Friday, 12 October 2012

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

We received an absolute treat this week! 
We were so excited when the delivery man arrived and we saw our goodies! What can be better on a Tuesday morning?  

Krispy Kreme have released three indulgent new flavours; salted caramel, chocolate praline fudge cake, pistachio and white chocolate nougat. 

Aside from looking absolutely amazing they tasted phenomenal. The salted caramel doughnut was stuffed with gooey, delicious caramel and was topped with a chocolate glaze (this was Em's fave!). Ken's favourite was the chocolate praline fudge cake doughnut which was more of a cakey consistency (perfect with a cup of tea) and the hazelnuts around the edge gave it such a nice crunch and texture. What can beat the pairing of chocolate and hazelnuts?! Kate's favourite doughnut was the pistachio doughnut because of it's light, fresh, creamy filling and the fruit and nut sprinkles on top. We thought this was the most unusual of the three flavours but it worked so well and was super delicious!  
Funnily enough we happened to have a lot of visitors that day and I think they rather enjoyed their Krispy Kremes too :) All in all, best day EVER.


  1. Awh wish some one would send me these!! They look amaze!

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  2. I soooo wish I could eat these!!


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