Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DIY Lion Costume

As you know the girls and I have chosen to dress up as 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' this Halloween and I managed to pull the longest straw, I got The Lion! For this costume I've made quite a few components, cuffs, a peter pan style collar, ears and of course a tail. They're super easy to make and you're bound to have most of the things you need already lying around the house. Tip before you start: get LOTS of staples! I've gone stapling mad in each of these tutorials!

Furry Cuffs 
You will need: fur, stapler, scissors, ribbon
Step 1: Cut out 2 equal strips of fur to go around your wrist. These need to be about 1.5cm wider than your ribbon.
Step 2: With the fabric fur side down, place the ribbon on top. Fold over the excess fur and staple to secure. Staple along both sides of the ribbon
Step 3: On the front side, fluff up the fur to disguise the staple. Repeat to make a second.

You could use thicker strips of fur and two strips of ribbon to make these for your ankles!

Peter Pan Collar 
You will need: fur, thin cardboard (cereal box), pen, scissors, stapler, string, button, sellotape, super glue.

Step1: Draw out one half of a peter pan collar shape 
Step 2: Cut this out and use as a template to draw the other half.
Step 3: Draw around both these cut-outs on the back of the fur. Leave about an inch around the edge. Cut out both bits of fur.
Step 4: Similar to the cuffs, have the material fur side down, place the cardboard on top. Fold over the excess material and staple. 

Step 5:  Staple all the way around the shape except for the back end. Leave a small part open to attach the ribbon. Fold the fur over the ribbon then staple in place. 
Step 6: To fasten the collar in the middle, I've gone for using a button. To do this, create a loop with the string and stick down with sellotape. 
Step 7: On the other collar use super glue to stick down a large button. Job done!

You will need: fur, cardboard (cereal box), pen, scissors, elastic, super glue.

Step 1: Draw out 2 triangles back to back with a small rectangular section in the middle. This is so the ears can loop around the elastic (see below). Cut this shape out and use it as a template to create another.

Step 2:  Draw and cut around these 2 shapes on the back of the fur. Leave about 1.5cm from the cardboard edge. 
Step 3: Do the same as before and staple the fur to the ear shapes.
 Step 4: Place the elastic in the middle of the cardboard back. Use super glue to stick the front and back of the ears together. Repeat this for the second ear. Tie the elastic so it fits your head.

You will need: old pair of tights, scraps of either newspaper or wadding, fur, staples, scissors.

Step 1: Cut off one leg from your tights and stuff it with whatever you can get your hands on. I have loads of scraps of wadding left over from previous projects, so I've chosen to use that. I imagine shredded newspaper would also work well. 
 Step 2: Gather up those left over bits of fur and cut them into rough strips.
Step 3: At the foot end of the tights build up all the scraps of fur. Attach them using (you guessed it) a stapler. Pinch part of the tights with an edge of the fur and staple together. Keep going around until your happy with it.

And here are the results!! We also had a go at experimenting with make up to complete the lion look and of course oversized back-combed hair.

 What do you think? An Aslan look-alike?

Lots of love 
Kate xxx


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