Friday, 5 October 2012

Best of Trends: Kendall

Washi Cloth! Skin Polishing Towel.
So, here's my confession: I am a bit lazy when it comes to washing my face. I was always a face wipe loving gal, wipe off my make up at night and be done with it (to the disgust of my sister who is a make up artist!). But I am newly converted and I now have a very strict face washing regime. My regime consists of using these delightful Washi cloths. They are a company based in the UK but base a lot of their research and values on Japanese skincare. In my Leeds Blogger Meet Up bag I got a selection of skin polishing towels and I really do love them. They are thinner than a flannel but thicker than muslin and are made of pure cotton. They give off no fluff and wash really well in the washing machine. They leave your skin feeling really soft and wipe away make up really well instead of just spreading it around your face. Not only are these cloths technically brilliant but they also look pretty too. They come wrapped in ribbon and look lush stacked up in your bathroom. Along with all this greatness Washi offer repeat customers an automatic 10% discount on subsequent orders and they are so cheap for the quality of the product. I travel a lot and find them so useful to take away because they are light weight and dry really quickly which is so useful because no one wants to take a damp cloth back home with them in your bag!  
All in all Washi scores 10/10!
To check out the Washi website and look at all their products they offer click here!

Indola Glamour Precious Oil.
This was one of my favourite products from the Leeds Blogger Meet up. This hair oil works so well and makes your hair super shiny and soft. It is enriched with argan, marula and olive oil and is suitable for all hair types. From the packaging the product doesn't look too exciting but it really does work and helps with damaged hair and helps reduce split ends. As some of you may know, I have ombre died hair so I suffer from dry ends so I found this product is excellent and I tend to use mine on towel dried hair before I style it. You can also use it before you shampoo your hair too! I feel this product is really versatile and will definitely be something I purchase again! The 75ml bottle costs £15.95 which is probably more than I would normally spend on a hair product but I do feel that it is worth the money.
To visit the Indola website click here. Or follow them on twitter for more information: @immediatepr1

Muard Skin Perfecting Primer.
I have been on the search for a new primer for a while now. I used to steal my sister's MAC primer, which I loved but I think this might have over taken it. It looks like a tinter moisturiser when it comes out the bottle and when you apply it to your skin it adapts to your skin tone and disappears. It's not sticky or greasy and has a lovely matte finish. Another thing I love about this product is that it is not tested on animals which I think is really important. The TWB girls are going to a beauty event hosted by Murad in October so I am really looking forward to trying out their other products and seeing if they are as good as the primer. I'm actually not too sure how much this primer retails at but it seems like a really professional product and I never mind paying a little more for skin care products because I think if it's going on your face then it's got to be worth it! 
To go their website click here, and to find the salons they are stocked in click here

Hope you enjoyed these little reviews! If any of you have tried these products, we would love to here what you thought of them.
Love Kendall

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