Friday, 19 October 2012

An Evening with Murad

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to the Academy of Medical Sciences in London to attend a beauty blogger event held by Murad. Murad are a brilliant skincare company that create products to suit all skin types that 'transform lives by helping people look and feel healthy and beautiful.' So when we were invited to attend this blogging event, we jumped at the chance! 

After a talk from Dr. Murad himself, it became clear that the company hold inclusive health and well-being to be of huge importance. Dr. Murad emphasised the importance of relaxation, positivity and an all round healthy lifestyle. Its fair to say that after the talk we all felt encouraged to really look after our skin!! 

Dr Howard Murad also shared with us his top 10 skincare tips...
1. Cleanse your skin before bed.
Cleaning will remove all bacteria and as a result, prevent breakouts. Environmental exposure, sun and pollution that your skin is exposed to throughout the day also builds up and can takes its toll, causing tissue damage. Cleansing before bed can prevent this damage. 
2. Toners are important.
Toners help treatment products to be absorbed faster and deeper, they are also refreshing and refine pores. 
3. Oily skins need moisture. 
For some reason I've always always been a bit scared to moisturise my face too much due to a fear of making it oily! After hearing Dr Murad speak about this I now realise I was being a little silly! We all know that moisture is great for your skin, if your'e skin doesn't get enough moisture, it will attempt to moisturise itself- which is when it becomes oily! Using a moisturiser, regardless of skin type, adds water to your skin, not oil. 
4. Embrace anti-ageing products.
5. Eat your water! 
Dr Murad really emphasised how important this is! He suggests replacing one glass of water a day with raw fruit/ veg to hydrate the skin from within. Water melon is always a winner we say! 
6. Exfoliate right.
Murad suggest sticking to the twice a week rule when it comes to exfoliating.
7. Relax- stress ages you. 
Did you know that stress is a close second to UV for skin damage and premature ageing?! Murad say 'get the rest you need, have fun, get massages, facials'...take care of yourself emotionally! 
8. Be imperfect: live longer! 
Trying to be perfect everyday is stressful, which will speed up the ageing process. So relax, and don't be so hard on yourself! 
9. You are what you eat.
80% of skin health comes from internal care, so eating the right foods is important! 
10. Smile!

Our favourite part of the evening then came with the opportunity to have a facial! So for 15 minutes each we were tucked up- snug as a bug in a rug- and pampered with all the wonderful Murad products. It was so relaxing I could have had a little snooze, and afterwards we felt so fresh faced and glowing! 

We had such a lovely, relaxing evening and as well as enjoying all the delicious food and drink that was on offer, we had a great time chatting to all the lovely Murad staff. They were all so welcoming and friendly and had such enthusiasm for the Murad products (We also trusted their judgment because they all had such beautiful skin!!) Keep a look out for our reviews of our favourite Murad products coming soon!

We LOVE Murad, can't recommend them take a look at their website or you can find out more by following them on facebook or on twitter. 

Lots of Love

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