Monday, 17 September 2012

We Love: Wavy Jewellery!

As students we are always looking for new ways to save pennies, but we still can't resist gorgeous new trinkets! BUT HAVE NO FEAR, WE'VE GOT IT SORTED! We've found this little delight on the old Twitter feed: her name is Kate and she runs Wavy Jewellery. She makes all these lovely little goodies herself and they are as cheap as chips! They range from £1.15-£4.50, so everything under £5! You can't lose! If you want to visit Wavy's online shop click here! We caught up with Kate and had a little chin wag:   

When did Wavy Jewellery begin?
"Let me take you back to a sunny day (or it may have been raining) in May 2011, sat in my University room, procrastinating to the max from revision for my end of year exams. I had ordered all the components needed to make jewellery and with a bit of inspiration and logic, i was able to design and construct some jewellery. I started with a range of five products. The Freedom Wings bracelet was my very first creation and it’s still on the site today. It’s still one of my favourites and I can’t quite bring myself to take it down!"

What started the idea, where did it come from?

"A couple of months before I started Wavy Jewellery, I’d joined Tumblr, so I was not short on inspiration. I particularly loved all the tropical and summer themed stuff, seeming summer doesn’t seem to exist in England (how is it still raining?!) So my initial concept was to make ‘beach’ jewellery. I think this is partly the reason it’s called “Wavy Jewellery” – like the sea. But I’m still not entirely sure why I named it that.

A few weeks after launching the site, I got my first order and was literally made up. Over the summer, I started to get a few more orders, particularly off the back of this photo i posted on Tumblr which got a ridiculous number of notes! 
At this point, i was only promoting the jewellery on Tumblr, so probably 75% of my orders were international. I had orders from Australia, USA, Brazil, Russia, Netherlands, literally all over the world! Now, I mainly use Twitter to promote my jewellery and international orders are very rare these days, especially after the cheeky Royal Mail (Royal Fail) price increases. Since then, I introduced a few 
‘grunge’ inspired pieces, including my best selling cross necklace."

What is your favourite piece that you make? 
"I love making the Peace bracelets because of the transformation they go through, from just a pendant and some cord to a fully functioning adjustable bracelet. I also love to wear them and they reflect the roots of Wavy Jewellery as a piece I’d define as ‘beach’ jewellery."

What is the next step for Wavy Jewellery?
"Who knows! There’s only so far I can feasibly expand on my own because of the time I take to make the jewellery. I might venture in to other accessories but I always want to remain as an affordable and fashionable shop and I don’t want to lose the personal touch and contact I have with the people who buy my jewellery. As cheesy as it is to say it, it wouldn't be possible without them!"

To visit Kate's blog and check out her lovely items click here!



  1. These look amazing!! SO cheap too, it's almost rude not to buy them! xx

  2. Gorgeous jewellery at such good prices! :)

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