Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Patching Makes Perfect!

The TWB girls were invited to the Leeds Bloggers Meet Up 2012 which took place a couple of weeks ago now. We were generously given LOTS of freebies and I managed to bag myself a beautiful midnight blue cut-out maxi dress from Glamorous. I've never felt 100% comfortable with the latest 'cut-out' fashion myself as I don't think it shows the most flattering part of my body! But this is such a gorgeous dress otherwise I wasn't about to leave it at the back of my wardrobe. I have come up with a solution to patch up the gaps whilst injecting a bit of fun and colour into this quite formal dress. 

To follow this tutorial you will need to get your hands on a cut-out dress, fabric for the patches (I found some amazing purple and pink tie dye material), pencil, paper, scissors, pins, iron, and a sewing machine. You could also hand stitch if you don't have a sewing machine.

Step 1: Place paper underneath the 'cut-out' gap and draw out the shape.
Step 2:  Cut out this shape to use as a template.
Step 3: Pin the paper template onto the back of your chosen fabric.
Step 4: Draw around the template about an inch away from it and mark out small sections around the shape. Once cut, these will be tabs to fold over.

Step 5: Iron over the tabs so about 1cm of material is folded over.
Step 6: Repeat these steps to create a second patch.
Step 7: Turn your dress inside out and pin the folded sections around the 'cut-out' area.
Step 8: Using a similar navy blue thread stitch around the patch over the folded sections removing the pins as you go. Repeat this on the other side too.

Patching complete! I love this unique tie dye fabric. I've got plenty left over so I'm hoping to customise a few more wardrobe items. Watch this space haha!! Alternatively, you could use a bold aztec or floral print to be right on trend. What do you think? If you're a bit of a novice when it comes to machine sewing, I would definitely recommend to practice sewing in a circular shape before giving it a go on your dress.

Lots of love
Kate xxx


  1. Is your sewing machine a John Lewis mini or a full sized machine? Considering the mini and just not sure whether it'll do what I want it to!

    1. It is a full size one. I would recommend a full size one as you will be able to work better with more material. Even though the small ones are cheaper, I think in the long run you will benefit from a full size one more. Hope that helps :) x

    2. Thanks so much I probably will go full size, it's just with the mini reduced down to £35, it's pretty tempting!


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