Friday, 7 September 2012

Old Frames Re-vamped!

Why not use your old scraps of fabric to totally transform a boring frame. I found this gorgeous floral material left over from one of various DIY projects. This one may look tricky with all the steps but its really not. All you need is to get your hands on a staple gun and you're away!

1 and 2. First of all, using chalk or a pencil, mark out around your frame where to cut. Leave about an 1 1/2 inches either side of the frame. Its best to allow more than you need, you can always trim the excess later.
3. Cut out your shape.
4. To be able to fold the inside material around the frame, make a small cut diagonal to each corner.
5. Start stapling the material to the frame. First, I took the outside material and stapled all the sides.
6. Remember to allow for the bendy metal tabs that keep the back in place. I used a small pair of sharp scissors to poke a hole before folding over the inside material.
7. Staple the inside material to the frame.Pull it taut to give a smooth finish.
8. With the shape of my frame, it was difficult to staple the corners so I used a small amount of super glue to conceal the frame corners.
9. I wasn't quite happy with the finish of the corners to I delved into the infamous blog bag and found some left over ribbon. I've used ribbon around the corners to hide any messy bits and give a much neater look.

I really like the old rustique look to lots of the home furnishings you can buy almost anywhere so I decided to experiment myself. I must admit, these photos don't do the frame justice! The contrast between wood and paint is not shown very clear here, I apologise!
1. Use a bare wooden frame to paint. It must not be covered by paper with a fake wood effect (hopefully you'll know what I mean). I've chosen white to match other furniture I've seen with this effect but give it a go with other colours. Leave this to dry (over night is likely to be best).
2. Find some sand paper with a medium coarseness and start sanding.
3 and 4. Clear away all the paint dust and give the frame a varnish. Varnish will fix the paint in place for a much more permanent finish.
Another way to re vamp those tired frames would be to use old shoe laces or cord, or perhaps even string for a neutral look. This one is dead simple. I chose to paint my frame white before adding the laces so they stand out. I used a glue gun to stick on the laces and chord. If you don't have a glue gun, super glue would work just as well. Trim the corners to give a neat finish. All done!

Here's the finished result:

Such a long post! I hope it's useful!
Lots of love 
Kate xxx


  1. Lovely idea..can't wait to try it! :)

    1. Thank you very much! Really glad you found some inspiration :)

  2. Another great idea girls. Thank you!!


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