Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Finally Reunited!

Cupcakes, blankets, tea, Ryan Reynolds and Greg James... finally we are back in Leeds! We seem to have arrived in some sort torrential down pour but at least we back together. I think our first blog post will be 'How To Make Your Own Arc'!! In our four months off Em went on a European adventure, Kate completed a summer placement and got involved with the olympics, and Kendall did a work placement at Walker Books and took a cheeky trip to Barcelona. But now we are reunited we are back to blogging feeling refuelled and refreshed!
We found such a cute idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a great way to remember all those lovely memories of our final year at University. We have got a jar and we are going to write down all our funny, happy memories and achievements and open them on graduation day and reminisce about all the fun we've had together. That way we will be happy when our time at Leeds is over and not busy balling our eyes out! It essentially is a tiny time capsule :) 
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Lots of Love,
Em, Kate and Kendall x

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