Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Europe Adventure

I have just returned from a wonderful month spent traveling around eastern Europe, so thought i’d give you an insight into my little European adventure.

After a summer spent working full time to save the pennies for our trip, my best friend and I flew out to Prague just over a month ago. It truly is one of the most beautiful (and fun) cities i’ve ever visited. We spent 3 days taking in the history and generally being massive culture vultures! It’s a place I would strongly recommend visiting, I loved it because has so much to offer: fascinating history and culture as well as a great nightlife (with the biggest club in eastern Europe). I also enjoyed the fact it looks like a little toy town!

We then moved on to Budapest before traveling on to Slovenia where we stayed in the capital, Lubijana, and Lake Bled. If you EVER get the opportunity to visit Bled, take it! It was literally the most stunningly beautiful place i’ve ever been. Pictures don’t do Bled justice in the slightest but heres a little look anyway...

After Slovenia we moved on to Croatia, where we spent a week traveling through Zadar, Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik. Croatia proved to be a wonderful chance to sunbathe and take life easy on the beaches, but also had an amazing nightlife! We had so much fun in Croatia and even hired our own motor boat for a day which meant we could do a little bit of exploring! 

Next we were off to Italy where we visited Florence, Pisa, Venice, Lake Como and Milan (back to the cultural stuff!). Italy is stunning; Venice in particular. It’s such an incredible place because it’s unlike anywhere else. It’s so pretty too! I could have spent a VERY long time just wondering around all the little streets getting lost, because it's just such an interesting place. 

Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to miss out Paris, which I was gutted about...but there’s always next summer!! And as corny as it may sound, I really have had the most amazing month of my life! So if you’re ever thinking about interrailing or pondering it over...DO IT! I cannot recommend it enough. It's so exciting to be able to experience so many amazing places in such a short space of time, meet so many new people, live out of a rucksack and attempt to navigate your way around all these new cities. 

Unfortunately my busy summer has meant I haven't been able to blog anywhere near as much as I would like! But I am back and can’t wait to start properly blogging again, especially as the three of us will be reunited in less than a week! Can't wait!

Hope you like this little summery post! Has anyone else been interrailing? Where was your favourite place? Would you recommend anywhere? 

Lots of Love, Em xx


  1. So much love for this post. I've never been inter-railing but I've been to Italy and Prague before and absolutely love them. I've always wanted to go to Lake Bled too and your pictures justify why! (: xx

  2. Wow, these places look stunning.
    I've always wanted to travel around Italy, it looks to perfect.


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