Saturday, 15 September 2012

DIY shorts pocket

With a cheeky holiday just around the corner, I reached for my standard denim shorts (that did begin life as a pair of jeans) and decided to inject a bit of life and colour into them by re-doing one of the back pockets. For this tutorial you will need a stitch unpicker, fabric, pins, scissors, a sewing machine and your shorts or trousers you wish to accessorise.
So here's the method I followed:

Step 1: Unpick the pocket you wish to restyle. You probably can see that this pocket had studs in the top corners (see right photo). I'd highly recommend opting for a pair without these as I struggled with a pair of heavy duty pliers for quite a while before being able to detached the pocket.

Step 2: Pin the detached pocket on the back of your chosen fabric and cut around the pocket. 

Step 3. Remove the pins and use an iron to achieve a neat fold. Use the folds in the denim as a guide. Pin the folded fabric down ready to sew. 

Step 4. Using your sewing machine, stitch all the way around the edge, about 1cm in, fixing the fabric to the denim pocket. Stitch along the very top of the pocket too to secure the top fold.

Step 5. Finally, time to attach your pocket to your shorts. Again pin the pocket in place then stitch all the way around except the top, otherwise it won't be a functioning pocket! This time stitch close to the folded edge to fix the material neatly and securely. 

All done!! What do you think? I used the same fabric for patching my 'cut out' dress and it compliments the blue denim really well. Bring on my very very late summer holiday!!

Give it a go, tweet us a pic,

Lots of love 
Kate xx

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