Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY Pearl Glasses Chain

Step 1: You will need some fabric, thread or string, pearls, and rubber attachments (I got mine from our local market in a glasses repair kit that cost me £1.50, I'm also pretty sure you could order them online). 
Step 2: Tie your thread onto your rubber attachments and thread on your beads. Make sure you keep an equal amount for the other side. 
Step 3: Tie on your 3 strips of material after the first set of beads, and plait. Incorporate your thread into the plait so it is nice and secure. This bit was tricky (you may need an extra hand to hold the beads so they stay in place). I wanted a bit of a shabby look for my glasses chain so I ripped my material so the edges frayed. I ended up with a nice rustic kind of look which I like, but if you want it to be neater all you have to do is to hem the edges of each strip of your material so it doesn't fray. Tie off and then thread on the rest of your pearls. Attach the other end to the rubber loops and you're done! 

You can really experiment with this DIY and make it your own. Use different beads and material for a perfect accessory to any outfit! 

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