Saturday, 25 August 2012

DIY Sock Bun

Our little photo montage above is made from pictures from Pinterest :)

We are loving going back to basics and whipping our hair up into the classic high top bun. I'm all for scrapping my hair out of my face (especially here in windy Leeds) in a timeless and elegant fashion. A hair doughnut is the accessory you need to achieve a perfect over-sized, round and bouncy bun every time. Just before you run out to the shops, we've managed to find a brilliant way to save the pennies and make one yourself!
I'm notorious for ending up with odd socks AND, to the amusement of Kendall and Emily, very holey tights so this tutorial is simply the DIY I've been looking for! Either use a thick sock to form a larger bun or an ordinary sock will be perfectly adequate to create the effect of volume too. I chose to use tights to finish the doughnut as it gives a smoother shape to roll through your hair. Also tights solves the problem of hunting for an odd sock that matches your hair colour! I've gone for the skin colour ones as I have fairly blonde hair.

So here is our tutorial:

This is a repeat of the same steps as above but using the ordinary sock:

Excuse the blurry phone picture; I've used the smaller sock doughnut here as I have relatively thick hair. I'm very pleased with my handy work to create this look. And to think I started out with an old tatty sock!! Amazing! If you want to see a tutorial on how to use your new hair doughnut click here to watch Kendall's video. Thanks Ken!

This has been a fantastic way to recycle my old worn socks and tights in literally minutes. I now have no excuse for a sloppy deflated bun! Will any of you be rocking this look at the festivals this bank holiday weekend? Maybe I'll be able to hear Leeds Festival from our house!

Lots of love
Kate xxx


  1. I've always made them like this they're so much better! My hair is really long and thick too so I used one of the hubbys socks and a pair of tights and make it really big if I used one from a shop my bun would be 3ft off my head by the time I had hidden the rest of my hair x

    1. This is very true! Good to hear its been tried and tested by others too :)
      Thanks for your comment x

  2. As if I wasted my £2 buying hair donoughts lol, great post. Ever so handy xo

    1. This was our thoughts exactly! Thanks for reading x


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