Saturday, 11 August 2012

DIY Chalkboard

This really is SUCH an easy DIY takes hardly any time at all and is a great way to jazz up any old mirrors, frames or scrap bits of MDF and wood. It's practical too!
I really like the concept of using a picture frame as you can match it to any room. I have a number of these cream frames in my bedroom and thought it'd be nice to make something a bit different with one, but I like the way it's still in keeping with the other frames too! Using a picture frame or mirror gives a nice homely touch...its pretty much a posh notepad really!!

All you will need is a mixing pot, a cup of unsanded grout (I only had the rough sand grout availible, so I just ran it through a sieve which worked pretty well), a paintbrush, acrylic paint (I went for the traditional black but any colour will work, its worth baring in mind that darker shades will work best though!), and finally you need a surface to paint onto. I've used a picture frame here and painted onto the glass...I wasn't sure if this would work at first but it seemed to work a treat! 

Start by mixing 1 cup of grout with about three squeezes of acrylic paint (half a cup), mix until everything is combined. As I was also a bit worried about using a glass surface, I started by painting a pure acrylic layer...which seemed to work pretty well! Just make sure it is completely dry before carrying on.
Next, apply the grout/paint mix to the glass surface. You may need two coats of this, but just make sure the previous layer is bone dry before applying the next. 
Place the glass back into the frame and you're all done; free to leave little notes and messages on your beautiful framed chalkboard! 
Hope you all have wonderful weekends! Enjoy the sunshine, 
Lots of Love, 
Emily x


  1. Ahh this is adorable, love this idea! Also love the set out of the last picture, the cute jars with tea lights :)

    1. Thank you! There is a tutorial on one of our older posts about how to make those jars, take a look if you fancy :) xx

  2. This is fab, and simple too. Time to dig out the acrylic paint I think

    1. Haha! Excellent idea! :) Thank you for your comment! xx

  3. This is such a good idea :) it looks really cute too!!
    Amy x

  4. Wow this is such a lovely idea I'll be definitely making one of these myself xxx


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