Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY Lovely Little Lanterns

Today i've been in a little bit of a lantern frenzy! I found some old jars in the back and beyond of the kitchen cupboards and thought I must be able to put them to better use. So here are a few ideas on how to use old glass jars or tins and make lovely lanterns...recycling and revamping ordinary household items at no cost at all! 

Step1. All you will need to make these lanterns are a glass jar, paint brush, acrylic paint and masking tape. 
Step 2. Stick a line of masking tape the whole way round the jar at a hight of your choice.
Step 3. Paint the jar below the tape. You may need several coats here to avoid visible brush strokes. 
Step 4. Finally remove the masking tape to reveal a clean line. 

I  really love these pastel shades! They just go so well together and look great when there are more than one lantern.
 Alternatively, use your jar as a pretty vase!...or use it  on your desk to store your pens and pencils. Anything you fancy really! 
These look great in groups and you can use jars of all shapes and sizes!
Love Emily xx


  1. These are so adorable! I'll definitely be making these when I have some empty jars! :) x

  2. what a gorgeous idea! i'm moving into a new flat soon and this has inspired me to do some DIY rather than spending a fortune on new stuff. Love your blog by the way ladies, think it will be a new favourite-have voted for you in the Cosmo blog awards x

    1. So glad! It's always so satisfying making something lovely out of nothing! Hope it goes well for you and moving day goes well! :) And thank you so much for your vote, we really do appreciate it! xxx

  3. love this so much! definitely doing this for my new room.



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