Sunday, 8 July 2012

DIY: 'Love' Nails.

Here's a really simple little nail painting idea, perfect for when you fancy jazzing up your nails and doing something a little different! It's also so quick and easy...literally took me about 5 minutes! 

Start off by selecting 2 nail varnish colours that go well together, its easiest if the base colour is the lightest shade. 
Secondly, paint your nails as normal with the first colour and leave to dry completely. 
Next, using the darker shade, carefully paint the individual letters on each of your nails. It's nice if the end of each letter almost matches the start of the next, as if its joined up! I used a very thin paint brush for this which allowed for fluid lines, although a cocktail stick will work too! 

...It's THAT simple. Give it a go! LOVE Emily x


  1. Oh my gosh, it's so weird that I had never thought about using a simple paint brush when attempting nail art. That would've saved many failed attempts haha. Lovely design idea!

    1. It really does make it a lot easier! Glad we could help :) xx


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