Saturday, 28 July 2012

Amazing News!!

We got this wonderful news the week before last and we are still grinning like absolute lunatics! We were so astonished that people nominated us for such a prestigious award and we seriously can't thank the people that nominated us enough, or come to that, anyone who reads our blog!! The support has been so overwhelming and we are so grateful. We love writing our little blog and we love hearing what you all have to say. We read and respond to every comment, Twitter message and Facebook message and we honestly love it when you get in touch. So thanks so much if you have been involved along the way :)

We have been nominated in 3 categories; 'Best DIY Blog', 'Best Lifestyle Blog', and 'Newcomer Award'. 
If you would like to vote for us we would be ever so happy! We would give you great big cuddles. Just click the links above! 

Emily, Kate, and Kendall


We LOVE hearing from you! Thank you for your wonderful words :)