Thursday, 7 June 2012

Topshop's Jubilee Celebrations.

So, last weekend I went down to Oxford for a few days to see my boyfriend and we ended up taking a spontaneous trip to London. It only takes an hour on the bus and we thought it would be a nice way to spend a day. When setting off we didn't realise that it was the beginning of the Jubilee weekend, but it very quickly came to our attention when greeted with hundreds of unions jack flags draped above oxford street and tourists dressed head to toe in novelty outfits. We had a pretty steady day, mooching around shops, eating lunch in Covent Garden, you know how it is?! But this leisurely day came to an abrupt end when we reached Topshop's flagship store on Oxford Street. When we walked in, there were hundreds of people all with cameras all waiting for something. At this point we were completely unaware that we had arrived five minutes before the Jubilee celebrations were about to kick off in the store. The shop was decorated beautifully, there were archways of pastel balloons, glitter, feathers, silk, people handing out candy floss and pick 'n' mix, all the things a girls could ask for!! As we were still unaware of what was actually happening at this point, we scurried downstairs as I was on the hunt for the perfect first-day-of-work-experience outfit! When I was queuing up for the changing rooms (anyone who has been to the Oxford Street Topshop will know what an ordeal it is!) I heard an eruption of noise; there was sirens, drums, our national anthem, the spice girls. It was unbearably loud at one point, and it fuelled my curiosity for what was actually happening upstairs, so I asked the man who was working in the changing rooms. He informed me that the designer Meadham Kirchhoff had taken over Topshop for a day to celebrate the Jubilee and that there was a DJ set, dancers, and face painting booths. By the time I had found my outfit, queued up to pay, and made my way back out onto the street everything had died down and the only remains of the frantic and fantastical event were puddles of glitter and ribbon covering the floors. When we got home I checked Facebook and found this video of what had actually happened on the floor above us in Topshop that day. I actually could not believe that we managed to miss the whole thing (even the free candy floss!). 

The amazing photos I have used in this post have come from Style Bubble and Inside-Out.

Was anyone else there? Did anyone get any free candy floss? 
Kendall xox


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