Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY: A Pretty Little Bracelet

Now it's fair to say that I have a tendency to be a teensy bit accident prone, and as a result I recently broke a pearl necklace of mine. So in true TWB style I had a little think about how I could restyle and remake the pearls into something a little different, as to not let them go to waste...and so I made this really simple ribbon and pearl bracelet. 
-A handful of pearls or beads 
-A needle and thread 
-A length of ribbon (be sure to make sure that the thickness is roughly the same size as the beads)

It's pretty and elegant and really is so quick and easy to make! You can use your favourite colour ribbon to make it your own or match it to an outfit. 
So next time you're as clumsy as me and manage to break your not fear and use it as an excuse to create something new! 
Lots of Love, Emily x


  1. What a clever way to re-use pearls. It is my mummy's birthday coming up and she would love this bracelet. I will have a look at a local craft shop and see if I can pick some up. Thanks for sharing :)

    Elizabeth x

    1. Yes, they are pretty readily available! Good luck, hope it goes well and that she loves it. xx


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