Tuesday, 12 June 2012

DIY Tie Dye Jeans

I have been absolutely dying (excuse the pun!) to test out my tie dying skills on a pair of old jeans after seeing them pop up more and more in our favorite magazines.

Tie dye jeans transform a typical but plain outfit into something much more interesting and edgy. I had a pair of redundant jeans that had been sitting in my wardrobe unworn for ages, simply because they're a bit boring and I prefer my new lighter coloured jeans. This DIY fix is brilliant as all you really need is bleach to take the colour out rather than normal tie dye where you add dye. And I’m pleased to say the results are fantastic if I do say myself! 

You will need: Bleach, Water,  Bucket/Basin, and Jeans (I went for a fairly dark pair so the pattern would stand out). Remember to wear overalls so not to ruin your clothes with splashes of bleach. If you have sensitive skin, it would be wise to wear gloves and bleach is an irritant.

Fold over a small section of your jeans and fix an elastic band around. Continue this all over your jeans until they’re completely bundled up. Make sure the elastic bands are tight in order to achieve the contrast in colour.  To make your solution, mix 300ml of water and 200ml of bleach. I poured this over the jeans which were sat in an old basin. Leave them to soak up the mixture for about half an hour. Next get rid of the majority of bleach and dye by rinsing under water. Then put them in the washing machine on a short spin still with the elastic bands attached. No detergent is needed for the machine wash. Take the bands off to unveil your unique tie dye pattern.

I'm going to be wearing these all week! This is such a great DIY to give an old pair of jeans a new lease of life! I love the fact tie dye gives a totally unique pattern every time. It was really exciting taking off those rubber bands to reveal the results!!
If you want your jeans to be a lighter colour, increase the time you leave your jeans in the solution for. However don't leave them for an excessive length of time as bleach can make holes in your clothes if forgotten about!!

Give it a go and good luck! Tweet us your pictures to @TrendsWB!! 
Kate xxx


  1. Wow, brilliant jeans! I really need to try this on some shorts before I go away...
    Great post, new follower :)
    ps. please check out my blog too and I'll love you forever!

    1. Tweet us a picture, or let us know how it goes!
      Thank you for your lovely comment, we are following you too :) xx

  2. I have been loving the tie dye trend too and oh that looks incredible! xx

  3. I love this, they look like a completely different pair of jeans!!

    Love the blog you three!! Just followed, hope you can follow back :)


    Niki xx

    1. Thank you very much indeed! That is excellent news :) x

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love yours- now following you via GFC!


  5. I absolutely love your blog! I was going to try this on some jeans but maybe spray some dye on too to make them just a little bit more different.


    1. That is a really good idea! I thought about doing that on old white jeans, it would work well! So glad you like our blog! Have a lovely weekend :) xx

  6. Such a great result! loving this blog, lots of crafty ideas :)x


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