Monday, 18 June 2012

DIY: Pretty Little Glass Jars

I decided to make this little creation one afternoon when I was thinking about how I could use up some scrap bits of material. They are a bit messy to make, but the idea is very simple, and I think they look great. You can use them for anything too, I am either going to use mine as pen pots or as little tea light holders. 

Step 1: You will need a glass jar, a ramekin or bowl, 2:1 PVA glue to water mix, scrap material, a glue spreader or paintbrush, and scissors.  
Step 2: Measure the height of your glass jar and cut your material into strips of that height. I found making my strips quite thick worked better than having them thin.
Step 3: Mix up your glue/water mix and put into a ramekin. Dip in each material strip so it is all covered. Run your thumb and first finger down the strip to get rid of any excess glue. 
Step 4: Paste your material strip onto the inside of your glass jar and use your glue spreader to push out any air bubbles.
Step 5: Leave to dry. Fill with anything you wish! You could even wrap wire around the neck of the jar to make a cute little lantern. Or even better, fill it with your friends favourite sweets and goodies for a lush birthday gift!

Hope this little creation will keep you busy one afternoon and I hope you find lots of uses for them! 
As always, we LOVE to see your pictures of the end product so tweet them to us at @TrendsWB. 
Love Kendall 


  1. They're so cute! I have a odd obsession with keeping jars, so I'll definitely give this a go! Great blog by the way :)

    1. This is the post for you then! :) Let us know how they work out for you, tweet us a picture (@TrendsWB). Thank you very much. xx

  2. I love theseee, I've seen them before and definitely bookmarking them to have a go at over summer. I keep my make up brushes in a glass jar at the moment that I decorated myself, so this would be a perfect update for them (: x

  3. These are so adorable! I'll definitely give these a whirl on one if those inevitable boring days over summer (: x


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