Friday, 8 June 2012

DIY Jewellery Board

I've had a productive day transforming my redundant notice board into a place to store my jewellery. I came home from university at the weekend but only for a brief visit. This meant I didn't bother with my jewelery box or stand I have in Leeds causing a bit of an issue! Making this board was really simple and LITERALLY took about 10 minutes! Customise it with whatever you can get your hand on using colours to suit your room. I found some left over lace and fake flowers to decorate mine.

First of all position all your pins down both sides of the board so that the string will follow a zig zag shape. I decided to disguise the pins using fake flowers. The plastic middle bits were really easy to pop out and so I stretched them over the pins. If you don't have flowers you could use an assortment of buttons instead.
Next attach the wool or string to the top pin and follow the shape the pin have mapped out. Remember the wool needs to be pulled tight to be able to support all your earrings!!

I also decorated my board using lace across the top and bottom fixed with a small amount of glue. I thought about using ribbon or glitter glue to jazz up the sides but infact all the colourful jewellery does that for you!!

A perfect solution to a cluttered dresser! And costing a total of zero pennies!
Kate xxx


  1. Love this idea, so simple but looks amazing! I think I'll give something like this a go over the summer since at uni all my jewellery is stored in a teeny jewellery box and at home it ends up all over the place so I definitely need some storage solutions! (: xx

    1. Thank you for your comment. Sounds like a similar problem to what I had! Definitely an easy answer, let us know how it goes :) xxx

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! I'm now following too, I love the concept of it being the three of you blogging together, that's so lovely. Great idea for keeping jewellery de-cluttered too! The lace makes it look so pretty :)

    Lou xx 
    Bits & Bobs

    1. We love it too, 3 times as fun and 3 times as many ideas! And thanks for following :) xxx


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