Friday, 4 May 2012

A Few of Our Favourite Memories

We've been feeling nostalgic this week and had a lovely time rummaging through some old pics, here is a little selection of our favourites from the last couple of years...

Feeling festive before a christmassy night out // At our friends 'R' themed party, dressed as robots! // Dancing the night away amongst the foam // Kate and Kendall in freshers week 2010 // Making the most of our beautiful home, spending time in the lounge before a night out // Em and Ken's Birthday Party, with our amazing cake and candle! // A beautiful sunny day in Leeds // Getting ready for a night out in Kens room // The very first night that we met!! xx


  1. so lovely :) i have a little memory box full of things i go through when i feel all nostalgic!

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