Monday, 23 April 2012

Homemade Cath Kidston bag!


This book actually came to belong to me by accident. I work in a local bookshop at home, and when books come in from the wholesalers with damages, the front page has got to be removed but then the rest of the book is yours to keep, as its illegal to resell them. So, when this little delight of a book had a damaged spine and cover I snatched up the opportunity to take it home! That was a good day because I LOVE Cath Kidston. I consider myself as the CK representative of the north (pretty much every item in my handbag is one of her designs)! 
It has so many nice DIY ideas in there from homemade egg cosies, to jewellery rolls. Not only does it give you all the instructions to make these things, it also provides all the templates, and all the items that you need to make the little shoulder bag that we made (above). You get ready-cut pieces of Cath Kidston material, buttons, and the little badge! It is very cute. 
Some of the instructions are a tad complicated, but we managed to work our way through it and it turned out pretty well. 

If you want to get your own copy just have a look on Amazon! Expect to see more of our creations from this little book! Cath, we love ya! 


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