Tuesday, 10 April 2012

DIY: Peter Pan Collar!

What you will need: material, hemming tape, iron, scissors, paper, pins, ribbon, eyelets (optional), needle and thread, lace or decoration.

Step 1: Draw your template, for one side of the collar, on a piece of paper and cut out. Pin it on the material and cut out 2 pieces leaving a 2cm edge around each shape. 
Step 2: Cut notches along the hem line, cutting up to the original template line. The notches need to be about 4/5 cm long. Cut out small sections of hemming tape. Fold the notches over and iron into place using the sections of tape. Do this on both pieces. 
Step 3: Sew on your decoration! We hand sewed lace around the edge, but you can use beads, buttons, applique, or anything you can find! It doesn't matter if you make a mess at the back of your material because it will be covered later. 
Step 4: Sew both of your pieces together in the middle, to make the final shape of your collar.
Step 5: Using your paper template, cut out two more pieces of material, but this time don't leave space for a hem. These are the pieces you will be covering the back of your collar with. Cut some more hemming tape, this time making them longer.
Step 6: Using the tape, cover the back of the original pieces with your two new pieces of material. Iron into place, making sure it is nice and secure. 
Step 7: If you have eyelets punch one in either side and thread your ribbon through. If you don't have any eyelets, you can sew in your ribbon when you are adding in your decoration. 

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