Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Customise Your T-Shirt

Want to give your wardrobe a revamp that doesn't break the bank? Well we've come up with a simple idea to make use of those boring plain tops and customising them into something up to date and boutique-like.

You will need:
Lace (works with any soft fabric)
Needle and thread (use a colour that is the same as your fabric)
Plain t-shirt

1. Cut a strip of your fabric about 5cm thick and use a simple running stitch along one edge.
2. Pull the thread tight and the fabric should ruche together. Add more stitches so the material makes a full circle. 
3. Cut the excess fabric and stitch both edges together. The stitch up the side to finish the flower shape.
4. If you have extra material make as many or as few as you like!
5. Stitch onto your t-shirt. I have gone for 3 flowers just below the shoulder. Alternatively you could attach them around the collar or at the bottom. 
6. To finish, add a button in the middle to complete the flower design.

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