Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring Make-up: 1 Product, 3 Ways.

Bronzed cheeks and contoured cheek bones were seen all over fashion week this year. Blusher is the most versatile of the 3 make up products, because it works so well in all 3 areas; cheeks, eyes, and lips. We used a darker peach colour as it compliments olive skin tone. To apply the blusher to lips, scrape a small amount onto a paper towel and mix it with a clear lip gloss, or some vaseline. And for use on the eyes, dust along the lash line towards the outer edge so it frames your eyes.  

Red lips were another huge favourite at fashion week, and are also considered one of the most classic feminine looks. We used the end of a blusher brush to apply our lipstick as it works so well to define the outer edges of your lips to create a neat finish. The red lipstick on the cheeks creates a very fresh, doll-like look, prefect for spring!

Bright flashes of colour were seen in shows like Miu Miu and Mary Katrantzou. It's quite a bold look but, when done right, can look amazing! The iridescent purple eyeshadow we used was perfect for a highlighter on the cheek bones and on the lips, as well as for an eyeshadow. Very Katy Perry-esque! 

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