Monday, 5 March 2012

DIY Fabric Notice Boards

Mother’s day is just around the corner so we’ve come up with the perfect gift that you can personalise make your own. This is our tutorial on how to make fabric notice boards; there’s no need for blu-tac or pins just simply slot your cards, photos and memos between the ribbons. Add your own style by selecting a colour scheme to suit any room in the house. Your mum will really appreciate the personal touch! 
You Will Need:

* MDF or Plywood – I use 6mm thick boards cut to 60cm x 40cm
* Wadding
* Fabric
* Ribbon
* Buttons
* Staple gun
* Glue – I use a glue gun but super glue would suffice
* Scissors

Step by Step Guide:
1. Lay the MDF on top of the wadding and cut around leaving a 5cm edge.
2. Fold the wadding over the MDF and staple gun all 4 sides
3. Trim the corners of excess wadding , fold down and staple.
4. Lay the board on top of the fabric, pattern side down, and cut around leaving an 8-10cm edge.
5. Fold over the fabric, covering the wadding, and staple to the MDF hiding the wadding

6. Cut strips of ribbon of varying lengths and lay them diagonally on the front of the board.

7. Staple where the ribbon crosses then turn the board over and staple the ends of the ribbon to the back

8. Finally, using a small amount of glue, stick the buttons over the staples where the ribbons cross.

If you wish to hang up your board simply screw in two hooks into the top corners of the mdf at a suitable distance apart and attach string between them.

Fill with childhood photos and memories and your mum will adore this handmade treasure! xx


  1. I only just saw this one! Great little tutorial, thanks, have been looking to make one of these for a while...and so now I shall. :)

    1. Thanks very much! They're such a lovely feature on the wall AND tidy up all those 'keep sake' bits and bobs you don't want to throw out!
      Good Luck, tweet us a photo @trendswb


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