Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to make your own Lipgloss

 Make the most of any old or broken lipsticks that you have lying around, or even your favourite colours that are just too bold to wear from day to day...try our handy homemade lipgloss! A quick and easy fix to make the most of all the remains of your well- loved lipsticks. 
 You will need: 
  • 1 empty pot (to hold your new lipgloss) 
  • Pot of petroleum jelly; Vaseline for example
  • A lipstick 
Step 1.  Find old or broken lipsticks. You can also experiment by blending two colours! 
Step2.  Add a teaspoon of petroleum jelly into the empty pot, followed by a small amount of the lipstick (depending on how vivid you would like the lipgloss to be). 
Step3. Mix together...you can use the end of a spoon or cocktail stick for example. 
Step4. Microwave until soft. 
Step5. Leave to cool. Screw lid on. Pop in handbag. 

Enjoy! xx

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